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2014 Hot prom dresses

2014 Pink Round neck Cap Sleeves Sequins Quinceanera Dress SO360

Sequins drape from the shoulders down, stylish small round neck, fresh and natural.

2014 Pink Cap Sleeves Sequins Quinceanera Dress

Irregular length sequins. Simple Slim cut, extremely thin remarkable temperament.

2014 Pink Round neck Sequins Dress

Red DEEP V-Neck Organza Dresses BY550

Sexy deep V-neck, lace flowers around, more noble and elegant,prom dresses 2014.

Red V-Neck Organza Princess Quinceanera Dress

Delicate folds treatment, enriched dress level, also enhance the fullness of the chest,one shoulder prom dresses.

Red V-Neck Organza A-Line Princess Quinceanera Dress BY550

Received a small waist belt body design, elegant French classic version, friendly, like a noble princess.

Lace flowers, dream big skirt, luxurious beads and jewelry, reproduce Audrey Hepburn-style elegance charming and elegant.

Red V-Neck Princess Quinceanera Dress