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to Australia. After the plane landed

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Lead: Prince William and Prince George’s visit, together with a small Oceania Princess Kate, once again demonstrating the power of her fashion: a new group to wear to sell every minute stock, not the same old skirt piercing new feeling, a series of foreign media on the beauty of the dress Kate show rave reviews. How can wearing a wedge heel on the soft sand of eighty, elegant predicament, in addition to Kate, who else can be done?

  dress Princess Kate Australia and the United States show
  Kate bright yellow dress like golden sunlight, Australia

4 16, William Kate a three leave New Zealand, to Australia. After the plane landed, came out from the cabin William whole family full of energy, especially in Australia, like the golden sun-like Kate dress particularly eye-catching, this skirt is a British designer of Serbian-born designer Roksanda Ilincic 2014 spring and summer series of new works, Price £ 900 (equivalent to 9425 yuan), with nude color heels from the British brand LK Bennett.


Although this tender

dazzling yellow dress get everyone’s approval, but did not seem to get her husband William affirmation, because when the couple arrive at Sydney Opera House, Kate to greet them a lady said: "William says I look like a banana. "

  Kate this DVF dress sold out in 8 minutes
  Kate’s blue print DVF dress and William’s dark blue jacket with a Couple

17 day William and Kate arrived in Sydney, the Blue Mountains town of Katoomba (Katoomba), Kate chose a navy and white print wrap dress Diane Von Furstenburg, feet with her favorite dark blue Stuart Weitzman Wedges, and wearing a dark blue suit jacket aside William make up lovers,Prom dresses 2014 uk, they laugh all the way to chat all the way, as if, like an old married couple. At Kate wore this skirt in front of the public within eight minutes after (yes! 8 minutes!), A skirt out of stock immediately.

  Kate wore a white lace mini-dress came to Australia beach
  Kate wearing wedge sandals trot on the beach

18 day Kate came from a small town in Australia’s Gold Coast, she also changed a more casual and more refreshing white lace mini-dress, the brand from Australia Zimmermann, feet marching Stuart Weitzman wedge sandals, wrist still Peidai Ka Cartier blue balloon watch, particularly graceful. Even better, wearing high heels can trot on the beach,elegant dresses uk, walking barefoot on the beach for all of us to go unstable, it really is not an ordinary person can become Princess of!

  Kate wore a blue knee-length printed with white flower pattern dress coming out of the Royal Air Force Base
  conceal his excitement over Kate climbed into the cabin back pilots addiction

19 days, accompanied by Prince William Princess Kate arrived at An Bolei (Amberley) of the Royal Australian Air Force Base, she chose a blue flower pattern printed with white knee-length dress from LK Bennett brand, with a light blue colored handbags from Australia brand Oroton. Although dressed ladies show excellent Masanori children, but Kate still see a variety of fighter conceal their excitement,Prom dresses uk, followed by William climbed into the cabin together, had a handful of pilots addiction.

  Kate wearing a light brown Roksanda Ilincic dress arrived Daou Lulu rocks

21 days the royal couple arrived in Australia from Sydney’s famous Uluru rock, out of the aircraft in soft hues of William and Kate dressed very casual board right. Kate still choose light brown dress designer from Serbia-born Roksanda Ilincic, with light-colored belts, earrings and necklaces are very choice of style with nature.

  Kate choose earrings and necklaces are also very natural setting with

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