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Bling bling sparkling sequins 2014 holiday series

sequins Disco era was born as a product, with a trendy part of the 1980s and rebellious. This season is no longer subject to the previous element sequined embellishment role,prom dresses 2014, uncharacteristically dominant, autumn and winter to a metallic-colored sequined baseball jersey swept away dull,evening dresses 2014, beaded sequined evening dress with eye-catching package, an absolute shining focus.

Sequin Prom Dress 2014

Socialite-Spring 2k14

One Shoulder Sequin Party Dress

Rosy One Shoulder Sleeveless Sequin Party Dress SO583

Silver Sequin Mermaid Evening Dress

Silver Short Sleeve Sequin Mermaid Evening Dress BY836

Golden Globe for best dress selection,2014 red carpet trends

Trend 1
Sequins, metallic color dress
Sequins and metallic color of the dress was in the Golden Globe actress who choose almost half, in addition to being able to play flash when the chase took an instant shine on the red carpet brilliance effect, sequins and metallic luster effects docile in actress on their graceful figure, can also play the advantages and shrink enlarged waist effect.
Kate Mara
Naomi Watts
Gold Round neck Short Sleeves Empire Waist Sequins Evening Dress BY516
Trend  2
Irregular cut, straps
Irregular cut to break the traditional dress of mediocrity,evening dresses 2014, so dress like a city with buildings scattered sense. Strapless dresses, especially in the shoulder irregular cut through modification, can not hide the collarbone perfectly adequate, but attention shifted to the shoulders of a beautiful actress.
Meanwhile waist straps to tighten the waist early visual
Amy Poehler
Ariel Winter
Red V-neck Asymmetrical Chiffon A-Line Long Prom Evening Dress BY519
Trend  3
Candy-colored, solid color dress
This year’s Golden Globes red carpet we saw a lot of actresses are bold choice with chunks of bright solid color dress as optional. In fact, we often misunderstand bright colors only fair-skinned people can wear clothing with nice effects and highlight the advantages, in fact, based on their skin color to choose bright colors can play each other’s effects. As darker complexion with glitter, bright orange and other colors.
Green Short Sleeves Noble Prom Dress S682
Trend  4
Classic black and white look for more changes
Black and white on the red carpet is not always wrong color, so many conservative actress prefer these colors as their safest red carpet appearances. This year’s Golden Globes choose black and white dress actress who has told us that in 2014 the red carpet, simply repeat the classic has been unable to meet people’s aesthetic.
Lace, geometric, micro cutting, stitching …… seeking subtle changes in the classic
Black Strapless short&long Two wear Organza Cocktail Party Dress SO305

Bandage dress Herv é L é ger2014 winter series

Hervé Lé ger was founded in 1985,cheap bandage dress, its design tailored dress because, with " bandage dress " reputation, so the winter 2014 New York fashion week series will see the bandage dress figure. Hollow printing and geometric 3D girdle,evening dresses 2014, and rivets various elements, to bring you a winter wild Hervé Lé ger. 

Hervé Lé ger winter 2014 New York fashion week series

French haute couture brand Hervé Lé ger was founded in 1985, women’s clothing design and production of advanced customization and ready to wear. The design of the dress because tailored, with " bandage dress " reputation, customers come from famous movie star. The 1999 takeover American apparel group BCBG Max Azria Group, which became the first from the history of the USA designer at the helm of the French brand. In 2007, Max Azria is more active as Hervé Lé Ger Hervé Lé designers, ger by Max Azria brand line, and the great success of the market. Max Azria also won the 2008 Dallas fashion awards.

Hervé Lé ger winter 2014 New York fashion week series

knock-out printing & 3D corset, no not outline the feminine charm weapon!