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2014 Hot prom dresses

2014 Pink Round neck Cap Sleeves Sequins Quinceanera Dress SO360

Sequins drape from the shoulders down, stylish small round neck, fresh and natural.

2014 Pink Cap Sleeves Sequins Quinceanera Dress

Irregular length sequins. Simple Slim cut, extremely thin remarkable temperament.

2014 Pink Round neck Sequins Dress

Red DEEP V-Neck Organza Dresses BY550

Sexy deep V-neck, lace flowers around, more noble and elegant,prom dresses 2014.

Red V-Neck Organza Princess Quinceanera Dress

Delicate folds treatment, enriched dress level, also enhance the fullness of the chest,one shoulder prom dresses.

Red V-Neck Organza A-Line Princess Quinceanera Dress BY550

Received a small waist belt body design, elegant French classic version, friendly, like a noble princess.

Lace flowers, dream big skirt, luxurious beads and jewelry, reproduce Audrey Hepburn-style elegance charming and elegant.

Red V-Neck Princess Quinceanera Dress

How to Wash Ballet Dresses ?

Ballet dresses typically consist of fine fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, linen, spandex, rayon and satin. These beautiful costumes require special care to keep the fabric looking as good as new. Learning how to clean ballet dresses involves evaluating your own capabilities and attention to detail to avoid ruining the costume. Some dry cleaners will not clean dresses with elaborate sequins or beading. In order to clean these items properly, it’s important to check care labels and use mild detergents to prevent damage. 1. Evaluate the type of fabric by checking the label on the ballet dress. Wool, leather, chiffon, velvet, satin and rayon should be taken to the dry cleaner for best results. Cotton, linen, spandex, tulle and sequined or beaded costumes can be washed by hand.

Purple One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses SO323
2. Check every seam for loose threads. Examine beading, sequins, lace and ribbons to make sure every item is securely attached to the ballet dress. Sew and replace any loose seams or embellishments before laundering.
3. Fill a basin with cool water and a cap full of dye-free detergent for appropriate hand-washable fabrics. Immerse the fabric in the basin and gently squeeze soap and water throughout the fabric. Agitate the water gently to move the detergent through the fabric.
4. Allow the item to sit for a few minutes, evaluating whether dye is leaching out of the fabric. Don’t leave the ballet dress unattended for long periods of time since the wash basin may drain and cause bleeding in the fabric.
5. Pull the plug on the wash basin and run cool water over the ballet dress to remove the soap. Continue rinsing until the water runs completely clear.

2014 Light Blue Round neck Formal dresses SO298
6. Turn off the water and allow the basin to completely drain. Press down on the fabric without twisting to release water from the fabric.
7. Place one towel on a flat surface and lay out the ballet dress completely flat. Place another towel on top and loosely roll the dress inside the towels. This will absorb some water without causing undue wrinkles.
8. Hang the ballet dress on a padded hanger and allow to dry completely.