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Recommended:2015 Pink Prom Dresses

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May will be coming soon, are you ready your Prom dress?

Today recommends some pink prom dresses .

They are very beautiful and low price,let’s Go !

Pink Appliques Ribbons Cap sleeve Backless Prom Dress SO682

Pink Appliques Ribbons Cap sleeve Backless Prom Dress SO682 | $246.00

Light Pink Short Sleeve Empire Embroidery Prom Dress SO522

Light Pink Short Sleeve Empire Embroidery Prom Dress SO522 | $239.00

Pink Half Sleeve Long Floor Length Prom Dress SO386

Pink Half Sleeve Long Floor Length Prom Dress SO386| $199.00

Pink Round neck Short Sleeves Floor Length Organza Quinceanera Dress SO501

Pink Round neck Short Sleeves Floor Length Net Quinceanera Dress SO501| $220.00

Tiffany A-Line Pink Square-Colar Spaghetti-straps Floor-Length Organza Evening Dress(80591)

Pink Square-Colar Spaghetti-straps Floor-Length Organza Evening Dress-80591|$179.00

tiffany pink spaghetti-strap floor-length silk evening/party dress(80521)

pink asymmetrical shoulder chiffon prom dress B0521[on sale]|$185.00

 Order them,Click the pictures 🙂


Red color 2015 and red dress 2015

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2015 fashion color is red. Let’s take a look at the red 2015 Paris Fashion Week.

Red Tulle Square Neck A-Line Evening Dress RY1224

red Tulle Dresses
unique design sense of the big red suit, loose sleeves, slightly exaggerated collar, waist bow, accompanied by a thin strip of high-heeled sandals, revealing the infinite elegance enthusiasm.

Red Flowers Bateau Neck Cap Sleeve Low Back Tencel Evening Dress BY322

red evening dresses

is always a classic mix of red and black, black sunglasses, black shoes with thin, coupled with red and black striped cloak behind, the road turned into the show immediately.

Red Sweetheart Strapless Evening Dress With Shawl RY1228 Two wear

Red Sweetheart dress

2015 red dress and manner, red wide belt with gold flat sandals, hands still holding a red flower, you are like autumn red sunflowers.


Super beautiful bridesmaid Legion strikes

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We all know the importance of bridesmaids. They are beautiful landscape, they are also most likely to be the most lively sister regiment moved in the wedding. Because there is no good friendship is not as bridesmaids, nowadays more popular is 6 and older girlfriend or sister group to form a powerful bridesmaids, which one is the main bridesmaid. The bridesmaid wedding dress also reflects the overall quality and style.One Shoulder Tulle Mermaid Gowns B1405This romantic design, light, soft tulle, ingenuity and tailoring treatment shoulder, back and waist wrapped handle, used to reinforce a sense of security.

Pleated Sweetheart Strapless Chiffon Short Dress B1413The epitome of romance, like fog, like tulle corset around gently, then spread to the delicate Qunjiao. Let your bridesmaids identity youthful and vibrant.

Crinkled Silk Chiffon Halter Bridesmaid Gown B1415Shoulder transparent chiffon fabric, folds strengthen the waist outline. Bridesmaid elegance with some personality mix will change immediately.


to Australia. After the plane landed

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Lead: Prince William and Prince George’s visit, together with a small Oceania Princess Kate, once again demonstrating the power of her fashion: a new group to wear to sell every minute stock, not the same old skirt piercing new feeling, a series of foreign media on the beauty of the dress Kate show rave reviews. How can wearing a wedge heel on the soft sand of eighty, elegant predicament, in addition to Kate, who else can be done?

  dress Princess Kate Australia and the United States show
  Kate bright yellow dress like golden sunlight, Australia

4 16, William Kate a three leave New Zealand, to Australia. After the plane landed, came out from the cabin William whole family full of energy, especially in Australia, like the golden sun-like Kate dress particularly eye-catching, this skirt is a British designer of Serbian-born designer Roksanda Ilincic 2014 spring and summer series of new works, Price £ 900 (equivalent to 9425 yuan), with nude color heels from the British brand LK Bennett.


Although this tender

dazzling yellow dress get everyone’s approval, but did not seem to get her husband William affirmation, because when the couple arrive at Sydney Opera House, Kate to greet them a lady said: "William says I look like a banana. "

  Kate this DVF dress sold out in 8 minutes
  Kate’s blue print DVF dress and William’s dark blue jacket with a Couple

17 day William and Kate arrived in Sydney, the Blue Mountains town of Katoomba (Katoomba), Kate chose a navy and white print wrap dress Diane Von Furstenburg, feet with her favorite dark blue Stuart Weitzman Wedges, and wearing a dark blue suit jacket aside William make up lovers,Prom dresses 2014 uk, they laugh all the way to chat all the way, as if, like an old married couple. At Kate wore this skirt in front of the public within eight minutes after (yes! 8 minutes!), A skirt out of stock immediately.

  Kate wore a white lace mini-dress came to Australia beach
  Kate wearing wedge sandals trot on the beach

18 day Kate came from a small town in Australia’s Gold Coast, she also changed a more casual and more refreshing white lace mini-dress, the brand from Australia Zimmermann, feet marching Stuart Weitzman wedge sandals, wrist still Peidai Ka Cartier blue balloon watch, particularly graceful. Even better, wearing high heels can trot on the beach,elegant dresses uk, walking barefoot on the beach for all of us to go unstable, it really is not an ordinary person can become Princess of!

  Kate wore a blue knee-length printed with white flower pattern dress coming out of the Royal Air Force Base
  conceal his excitement over Kate climbed into the cabin back pilots addiction

19 days, accompanied by Prince William Princess Kate arrived at An Bolei (Amberley) of the Royal Australian Air Force Base, she chose a blue flower pattern printed with white knee-length dress from LK Bennett brand, with a light blue colored handbags from Australia brand Oroton. Although dressed ladies show excellent Masanori children, but Kate still see a variety of fighter conceal their excitement,Prom dresses uk, followed by William climbed into the cabin together, had a handful of pilots addiction.

  Kate wearing a light brown Roksanda Ilincic dress arrived Daou Lulu rocks

21 days the royal couple arrived in Australia from Sydney’s famous Uluru rock, out of the aircraft in soft hues of William and Kate dressed very casual board right. Kate still choose light brown dress designer from Serbia-born Roksanda Ilincic, with light-colored belts, earrings and necklaces are very choice of style with nature.

  Kate choose earrings and necklaces are also very natural setting with

The 2014 MTV movie awards gowns

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Rihanna wearing Ulyana Sergeenko 2014 Spring-Summer Haute

Rihanna wearing a white bikini outside the ride Ulyana Sergeenko white "Lingerie" red carpet, this finery from Ulyana Sergeenko 2014 Spring-Summer Haute series, just being sure Riri CFDA Fashion natural good taste, even lazy can wear pajamas so sexy domineering, flowing curls natural not artificial, although the "robes" plus body, but long breasts Legs is a no less unconsciously on the spike film can not help but praise for the Riri point!


Rita Ora wearing Barbara Casasola 2014 Winter Series

Rita Ora wearing Barbara Casasola 2014 Winter Series attending the red carpet, S curve Slim black dress this modification will not only Rita Ora The flawless chest "open door" is the focus of attention. Classic black dress with red lips is icing on the cake. Rita Ora did not wear any jewelry but seemed more personalized and easy.


Zendaya Coleman wearing Emanuel Ungaro 2014 Winter Series

Zendaya Coleman wearing Emanuel Ungaro 2014 autumn and winter series debut on the red carpet, Emanuel Ungaro mustard yellow dress Slim works well, the length of the skirt the proportion of the body can also be modified, but this huge body looks old-fashioned flower print dull, fortunately Zendaya Coleman heels so that the overall shape of a clever young girl full of flavor through the fluffy curls and modern tip. Handbags with the same color also a plus.


Victoria Justice wearing VERSACE 2012 autumn and winter high-level customization

Victoria Justice wearing VERSACE 2012 autumn and winter high-level customization to attend the red carpet, this lavender skirt blows Slim T stage complex skirt, with hair on Victoria Justice ably, it is extremely dynamic, high thread-like embroidery skirt more prominent stature curve. Do not have the charm shoulder design with silver high heels, handbags, yet the atmosphere of elegance in a gorgeous shine.


Shailene Woodley wearing Balmain 2014 early autumn series

Shailene Woodley wearing Balmain 2014 early autumn series of red carpet, Balmain design domineering always feel strong, Shailene Woodley but with Her unique intimacy to resolve this feeling, the same color olive green brightens the complexion, broad shoulders Luyao design and stretched body proportions. Bandage-style black high heels not only echoes the overall shape, but also adds a certain extent, changes in the details.


Lupita Nyong’o wearing Chanel 2014 Winter Series

Lupita Nyong’o wearing Chanel 2014 autumn and winter series attended the red carpet,Prom dresses uk, dark skin tend to be bright sometimes a perfect match, Chanel 2014 autumn and winter skirt printed by different visual contrast ratio of up prominent stature, Lupita Nyong’o Boots T station shall not selected, a pair of fluorescent blue heels echoed up and down, but stretch the leg line. Just high collar round the neck shoulder design does not highlight the curve.


Leslie Mann wearing Juan Carlos Obando 2014 spring and summer series

Leslie Mann wearing Juan Carlos Obando 2014 spring and summer series debut on the red carpet, classic black and white dots dress, even if No kaleidoscopic design, but on the red carpet is not always wrong choice, flowing skirt, so gentle and feminine filling demonstrated. Orange fine with high heels and shoulder harness design echoed up and down,elegant dresses uk, full of summer flavor.


Jessica Alba wearing Kenzo 2014 Winter

Jessica Alba wearing Kenzo 2014 Winter Series attending the red carpet, a large U.S. girl Jessica Alba to wear no matter what goes on tempting escape sweet face. Kenzo’s this big swing skirts lemon yellow, with white Bra, simply mix it highlights the pure sweet temperament. Black and white color high heels, large handbags not only balance the proportion of shape, but also adds a touch of sophisticated charm.


Iggy Azalea wearing John Galliano 2014 spring and summer series

Iggy Azalea wearing John Galliano 2014 spring and summer series debut on the red carpet, John Galliano nude pink dress also brighten the complexion highlights the youthful, with Iggy Azalea neat hair and high-heeled shoes the same color, not only the overall shape is not able procrastination, but also on the color balance of the proportion. Chest "Kaleidoscope" embroidery printing, modern and stylish, remove the T stage of the belt, but also highlights the sexy S-curve.


Holland Roden wearing Salvatore Ferragamo 2014 Spring

Holland Roden wearing Salvatore Ferragamo 2014 spring and summer series to attend the red carpet, simple design capable of filling Holland Roden distinctive temperament. Put the finishing touch asymmetrical pleated skirt, a bright spot on the shape. White appeared nude color and more color. Peach pink high-roots and more beautiful youth.


Chrissy Teigen wearing Ulyana Sergeenko 2014 Spring-Summer Haute

Chrissy Teigen wearing Ulyana Sergeenko 2014 Spring-Summer Haute red carpet, bare-chested waist tutu, which kind of princess silhouette I think X is every woman’s favorite style. Satin skirt also choose to appear more noble, more prominent swallows fresh style embroidery. Although some old-fashioned black high heels, but let it also adds a playful skirt mature charm.


Bling bling sparkling sequins 2014 holiday series

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sequins Disco era was born as a product, with a trendy part of the 1980s and rebellious. This season is no longer subject to the previous element sequined embellishment role,prom dresses 2014, uncharacteristically dominant, autumn and winter to a metallic-colored sequined baseball jersey swept away dull,evening dresses 2014, beaded sequined evening dress with eye-catching package, an absolute shining focus.

Sequin Prom Dress 2014

Socialite-Spring 2k14

One Shoulder Sequin Party Dress

Rosy One Shoulder Sleeveless Sequin Party Dress SO583

Silver Sequin Mermaid Evening Dress

Silver Short Sleeve Sequin Mermaid Evening Dress BY836


Golden Globe for best dress selection,2014 red carpet trends

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Trend 1
Sequins, metallic color dress
Sequins and metallic color of the dress was in the Golden Globe actress who choose almost half, in addition to being able to play flash when the chase took an instant shine on the red carpet brilliance effect, sequins and metallic luster effects docile in actress on their graceful figure, can also play the advantages and shrink enlarged waist effect.
Kate Mara
Naomi Watts
Gold Round neck Short Sleeves Empire Waist Sequins Evening Dress BY516
Trend  2
Irregular cut, straps
Irregular cut to break the traditional dress of mediocrity,evening dresses 2014, so dress like a city with buildings scattered sense. Strapless dresses, especially in the shoulder irregular cut through modification, can not hide the collarbone perfectly adequate, but attention shifted to the shoulders of a beautiful actress.
Meanwhile waist straps to tighten the waist early visual
Amy Poehler
Ariel Winter
Red V-neck Asymmetrical Chiffon A-Line Long Prom Evening Dress BY519
Trend  3
Candy-colored, solid color dress
This year’s Golden Globes red carpet we saw a lot of actresses are bold choice with chunks of bright solid color dress as optional. In fact, we often misunderstand bright colors only fair-skinned people can wear clothing with nice effects and highlight the advantages, in fact, based on their skin color to choose bright colors can play each other’s effects. As darker complexion with glitter, bright orange and other colors.
Green Short Sleeves Noble Prom Dress S682
Trend  4
Classic black and white look for more changes
Black and white on the red carpet is not always wrong color, so many conservative actress prefer these colors as their safest red carpet appearances. This year’s Golden Globes choose black and white dress actress who has told us that in 2014 the red carpet, simply repeat the classic has been unable to meet people’s aesthetic.
Lace, geometric, micro cutting, stitching …… seeking subtle changes in the classic
Black Strapless short&long Two wear Organza Cocktail Party Dress SO305

Bandage dress Herv é L é ger2014 winter series

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Hervé Lé ger was founded in 1985,cheap bandage dress, its design tailored dress because, with " bandage dress " reputation, so the winter 2014 New York fashion week series will see the bandage dress figure. Hollow printing and geometric 3D girdle,evening dresses 2014, and rivets various elements, to bring you a winter wild Hervé Lé ger. 

Hervé Lé ger winter 2014 New York fashion week series

French haute couture brand Hervé Lé ger was founded in 1985, women’s clothing design and production of advanced customization and ready to wear. The design of the dress because tailored, with " bandage dress " reputation, customers come from famous movie star. The 1999 takeover American apparel group BCBG Max Azria Group, which became the first from the history of the USA designer at the helm of the French brand. In 2007, Max Azria is more active as Hervé Lé Ger Hervé Lé designers, ger by Max Azria brand line, and the great success of the market. Max Azria also won the 2008 Dallas fashion awards.

Hervé Lé ger winter 2014 New York fashion week series

knock-out printing & 3D corset, no not outline the feminine charm weapon!


2014 Hot prom dresses

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2014 Pink Round neck Cap Sleeves Sequins Quinceanera Dress SO360

Sequins drape from the shoulders down, stylish small round neck, fresh and natural.

2014 Pink Cap Sleeves Sequins Quinceanera Dress

Irregular length sequins. Simple Slim cut, extremely thin remarkable temperament.

2014 Pink Round neck Sequins Dress

Red DEEP V-Neck Organza Dresses BY550

Sexy deep V-neck, lace flowers around, more noble and elegant,prom dresses 2014.

Red V-Neck Organza Princess Quinceanera Dress

Delicate folds treatment, enriched dress level, also enhance the fullness of the chest,one shoulder prom dresses.

Red V-Neck Organza A-Line Princess Quinceanera Dress BY550

Received a small waist belt body design, elegant French classic version, friendly, like a noble princess.

Lace flowers, dream big skirt, luxurious beads and jewelry, reproduce Audrey Hepburn-style elegance charming and elegant.

Red V-Neck Princess Quinceanera Dress


How to Wash Ballet Dresses ?

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Ballet dresses typically consist of fine fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, linen, spandex, rayon and satin. These beautiful costumes require special care to keep the fabric looking as good as new. Learning how to clean ballet dresses involves evaluating your own capabilities and attention to detail to avoid ruining the costume. Some dry cleaners will not clean dresses with elaborate sequins or beading. In order to clean these items properly, it’s important to check care labels and use mild detergents to prevent damage. 1. Evaluate the type of fabric by checking the label on the ballet dress. Wool, leather, chiffon, velvet, satin and rayon should be taken to the dry cleaner for best results. Cotton, linen, spandex, tulle and sequined or beaded costumes can be washed by hand.

Purple One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses SO323
2. Check every seam for loose threads. Examine beading, sequins, lace and ribbons to make sure every item is securely attached to the ballet dress. Sew and replace any loose seams or embellishments before laundering.
3. Fill a basin with cool water and a cap full of dye-free detergent for appropriate hand-washable fabrics. Immerse the fabric in the basin and gently squeeze soap and water throughout the fabric. Agitate the water gently to move the detergent through the fabric.
4. Allow the item to sit for a few minutes, evaluating whether dye is leaching out of the fabric. Don’t leave the ballet dress unattended for long periods of time since the wash basin may drain and cause bleeding in the fabric.
5. Pull the plug on the wash basin and run cool water over the ballet dress to remove the soap. Continue rinsing until the water runs completely clear.

2014 Light Blue Round neck Formal dresses SO298
6. Turn off the water and allow the basin to completely drain. Press down on the fabric without twisting to release water from the fabric.
7. Place one towel on a flat surface and lay out the ballet dress completely flat. Place another towel on top and loosely roll the dress inside the towels. This will absorb some water without causing undue wrinkles.
8. Hang the ballet dress on a padded hanger and allow to dry completely.